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Don't just take our word for it, hear it from your peers!

David Katz CEO Plastic Bank

''For us to be at a marcus evans event is a strategic decision. We can be in front of a 1000 people that are there and inspired or we can be in front of 200 that are their and inspired and have the ability to make changes and decisions. That is an efficinet use of time''.

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The EuroPack Summit is an invitation-only, premium forum bringing leading packaging executives and innovative suppliers and solution providers. The summit’s content is aligned with key packaging challenges and interests, relevant market developments, and practical and progressive ideas and strategies adopted by successful pioneers.



  • INNOVATION NOW Thinking outside of the traditional box to deliver a pack that meets new-age demands while continuing to increase shelf life and improve safety
  • ONCE UPON A TIME...IN PACKAGING Creating smart and captivating packaging designs that capture the brand's story and enhance consumer engagement, interaction and usability
  • THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE Working towards a circular economy to improve waste management and ensure a sustainable future for the next generation
  • COMMON VISION Harnessing the potential of collaboration to thrive in the complexity, speed and uncertainty of today’s global business environment
  • PACKAGING TRANSFORMERS Utilising disruptive technologies to increases efficiency and flexibility, streamline processes and supply chain performance, and reduce costs
  • ADAPTING TO THE NEXT NORMAL Finding new opportunities through momentary challenges and using it as a tool for creative business transformation

To enquire more information Please contact Isidora Avraam fr at isidoraa@marcusevanscy.com