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2nd Edition

Strategic Account Management 

11 - 13 September 2019
Berlin, Germany

In a nutshell, how would you describe the age of acceleration?

The speed of technology driven change impacting humanity is accelerating. Technology companies are often regarded as superior and are impacting our personal and work lives. Companies are embracing technology to bring innovation, convenience and a customized experience to their customers. Based on data driven business models.  Delivering such experiences in SAM means collecting increasingly confidential customer data. As a result, trust is becoming the index for measuring customer engagement, customer loyalty, credibility and success. This trust is earned through human interaction in front of best in class technology. This ‘human relation &technology’ hybrid accelerates according to Moores Law. 

Why is the human relationship so crucial for SAM success in the age of acceleration?

The human and personal interactions is the key to successful SAM in a world were digitalization and artificial intelligence will be used for every aspect that can be digitized. Trust based human interaction can’t and offers a true opportunity for differentiating service. Similar to the retail industry where we see that in- store experience and Face-to-face consultancy is re-gaining importance. Look at e.g. Amazon and JD.com opening stores. Online going offline. It is a key element to develop your brand while at the same time increase trust-based loyalty. Companies are building communities that enable customers to interact about a common topic. In some way fostering human relationship with digital infrastructure. It happens in the B2C and B2B world. We are in an area where customers seek to increase their sustainable business while reducing complexity and cost by consolidating their supplier base. It is vital to ensure that our most important customers regard us as being something more than a simple transactional vendor. 

Also we cannot forget the GLOCAL aspect of in SAM. The relevance of having an overall good global relationship with the customer but also locally where cultural, economic, social aspect come to play.  AI cant do that on a trust-based level. 

Do you use some learning platforms for your strategic account managers in your company?

We are using multiple eLearning tools for product related trainings and also some LinkedIn trainings for more commercial aspects. We however base most of our SAM trainings on human to human interaction, supported by eLearning.

What will be the impact of digital transformation in strategic account management?

The impact will reach many of the very foundations SAM is built upon. Essential to understanding how SAM and SAM agendas should adapt is the awareness that changes in SAM methods are not only driven by the influx of new digital tech, but rather by the adjustments in strategy and business models that digitalization motivates. Subsequently, SAM organizations need to be elevated onto an even more strategic level: Driving the digitally empowered strategic transformation of both, our own companies and customers. Taking on this new and extended role, SAM should be transformed from Strategic Account Management to Strategic Ecosystem Management. Digitally supported but again, in the ‘human relation & technology’ hybrid.

What would you like to achieve by attending the 2nd Edition Strategic Account Management conference?

Learn how other companies are approaching the SAM topic and transformation. Discuss ideas and success stories, best practice sharing. Calibration with peers and other service providers attending the conference.

An interview with:

Torben KockVP, Global Head Consumer & Retail at DB Schenker

The Strategic Account Management annual conference will enable you to discuss main challenges and solutions in a VUCA world. In the context of constant disruption, strategic account management is going through a fundamental transformation, and our learning platform offers you a unique opportunity to benchmark and network with your peers, to learn from practical case studies and direct engagement with top professionals in the area. Our practical case studies and interactive sessions will bring into focus key topics such as how to manage strategic accounts in a VUCA world, the best strategies in negotiations with powerful distributors, how to work on the value proposition for your customer and empower professionals in SAM.

This marcus evans conference will explore the inherent misalignments of objectives in your relations with key clients and how to deal with them, how to achieve complex global sales with the right local involvement and how to achieve the right communication strategy overall.

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About the conference

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Torben Kock is a Global Key Account Management specialist with 25 years’ experience in profitable ‘Strategic Account Management’ and ‘Revenue Growth through Value Creation’.   Torben Kock heads DB Schenker’s Global Vertical Market Consumer & Retail, a billion USD business. He enables his ‘Fortune500’ clients to maintain and gain market leadership through their supply chain. 

Torben’s professional and educational background includes Vice President at DHL Global Forwarding as well as multiple senior management assignments for DB Schenker. He holds a degree in International Transportation and Forwarding from the Staetische Handelslehranstalt Flensburg. Torben has been based in the United States, Malaysia and China. 14 years in Asia Pacific made him a true subject matter expert for the world’s No.1 growth region. Torben Kock says, 'developing strong trust based relationships is always  the foundation, both professionally and personally. Of course, always in combination with the boundless effort of exploring new ways to accomplish success.' 

To view the Conference Agenda, click HERE! 

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