Inka Grahn has extensive experience in leading finance teams in a shared service environment globally and leading strategical finance projects. With working experience as a business controlling, chief accountant, finance manager and finance director responsible for financial services globally, she has true end to end understanding of finance processes and how business transactions are reflected as reported numbers.

Inka Grahn is a leading Business Process Design team in UPM Finance&Control. The team is responsible for long-term development and to support F&Cteams with special focus on future finance models in SAP S/4 HANA environment and ERP renewal road map including Central Finance.

Competence development and preparing for new skills and competences are close to her heart and overall finance transition from a transactional support organization to business decision partner is one of her focus areas. Inka Grahn has a strong track record in developing teams towards the future and developing effective ways of working responding to the new and faster needs from the business.

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Ahead of the S/4 HANA Transformation Business Leaders Forum conference, we spoke with Inka Grahn, Director, Business Process Design, Finance & Control Development at UPM. 

How is Central finance playing an important role in UPM's finance transformation?

UPM is formed of six relatively independent Business areas with a scattered IT landscape. Our future ERP roadmap strategy is based on transformation to business-specific integrated ERP’s. For Finance transformation this means moving from centralized non-integrated finance to many integrated ERP’s including operative finance. Central finance plays a key role in ensuring UPM group view is ensured with Central finance being home for all finance master data and decided functionalities. Finance master data and selected configurations are distributed from Central finance to integrated business ERP’s and all finance postings are replicated back to Central finance through SLT to utilize Central finance as on place for finance information.

What would be S/4 part of future finance with Central finance in a key role?

ERP roadmap target is to replace some of the old IT technologies and upgrade SAP EEC system to S/4 HANA for main UPM businesses. S/4 is the selected business ERP tool for basic business operations. Our IT has created a so-called Future Business Architecture model to guide the tool selection based on what will be covered by the core S/4, what are the globally shared UPM supporting tools for businesses, and clarifying the areas where each Business Area can choose a tool based on their evaluation on competitive advantage benefits.

What are the important areas to note when implementing Central Finance? What benefits have you seen already?

We have seen great benefits in harmonizing finance-related master data, streamlining basic finance operations also from a tool perspective, change in transparency and data accessibility. It has also forced us to organize our teams and operations more effectively around end-to-end processes and develop our process management capabilities.
What we consider important is to have a strategical view and common understanding of what Central Finance (CFIN) is before starting the design and implementation of CFIN. Without a clear vision of CFIN usage, the design of functionalities in CFIN is difficult to define and discussions with businesses become challenging when different opinions fly in many directions.

What 3 tips would you share for those looking to implement Central Finance?

  • Define the role of Central finance as part of your end-to-end processes 
  • Decide your master data models and structures before you start implementing, do e.g. a POC based on your plans or preliminary design 
  • Have an executive sponsor for your project with a full understanding of what you are targeting and what it means in practice

What would you like to achieve by attending the S/4 HANA Transformation Business Leaders Forum?

I would like to hear other companies' experiences from their S/4 HANA implementations, knowledge and pitfalls.

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S/4 HANA Transformation Business Leaders Forum

Benchmarking real-life experiences to learn best practice approaches to core pillars of  the business-critical project

25-27 March 2020
Amsterdam, Netherlands

An interview with Inka Grahn, Director, Business Process Design, Finance & Control Development at UPM

About the Conference

Alexia Mavronicola
Tel.: +357 22 849 404
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This premier marcus evans  S/4 HANA Transformation Leaders 2020 Forum will benchmark experiences with the S/4 HANA journey and discuss key project milestones. The main theme of the event is how to maximise value from the project while being efficient with time and resources.

Some of the topics we will cover in a form of practical case studies, panel discussions, break-out roundtables and workshops over the three days: Transformation and change management, project governance, methodology , people, data migration, SMART finance, what’s next after Go-live, experiences with SAP Cloud and SAP Fiori. Special attention will be given to Central Finance and data management.  

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Inka Grahn
Director, Business Process Design, Finance & Control Development