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You will be leading a discussion on “Harnessing Machine Learning Applied to Portfolio Success,” what are some key takeaways the attendees can expect from your session?

We will discuss how to leverage new capabilities in the Machine Learning space to screen innovative ideas, look for marketplace trends, and balance investments based on pre-set strategies as defined by your organization. 

How does leveraging machine learning make it easier for end-users?

Machine learning can eliminate a lot of the manual work historically required to read and interpret large amounts of data and allow the business analyst or decision maker to spend more time deriving insights on a smaller subset of relevant data for your particular business. 

What does developing machine learning do for overall projects? 

Machine learning has many potential capabilities including eliminating manual data entry, suggesting recommendations for investment and resource ranges typically used for similar types of projects, and automating financial analyses which have historically been very manual. This will help save the organization time and increase the overall efficiency/turnaround of maintenance and decisions on a given project. 

Why is it beneficial to track the actual versus the current baseline of projects?

As new information becomes available, priorities can quickly change and a given project portfolio may need to be adjusted. Tracking the actual status of many data elements as compared to the initial baseline assumptions is essential for knowing when to stop, pace, or accelerate certain project activities. 

In your experience, what are the best strategies when integrating machine learning? 

A key strategy when evaluating how and when to use machine learning, is identifying the key pain points in your current business process and then assess them against a list of tasks that the organization is struggling with, or severely dislikes doing. You must then assess the business value gained by potentially automating or streamlining those activities via machine learning. 

You have historically being involved at marcus evans events. What key drivers motivated you to participate once again? What about this particular conference made you interested in speaking?

These conferences have consistently provided a great external perspective for me in the project portfolio and resource management space to challenge the internal thinking within my company and push us to think differently when appropriate. The speakers have consistently brought relevant topics for me to listen to and the network I have made here has been invaluable to lean on when I need an outside perspective on challenging topics I regularly face in my current job. This particular conference is enticing because I still feel most companies struggle to connect the Strategy to the overall execution in day to day operations and I would love to hear more on how others are facing this challenge in their roles.

Ahead of the Automation and Standardisation of Derivatives Trade Data and Reporting Conference, we spoke with Dennis Versteeg  Program Manager Financial  Regulations Financial Markets  ING about the MiFIDII and the amendments need to be done and also how regulatory priorities coincide with operational priorities around technological advancements.

About the Conference:

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have fully embraced R&D portfolio management to ensure resources are allocated to winning projects. The huge investments, long development timelines, extreme high risk, and number of products in pipeline requires active management. The ability to determine real time decisions and assess prioritization is crucial in order to drive optimal performance.

This premier marcus evans event will bring together the foremost leaders within the resource planning and portfolio management divisions of Pharma and Biotech companies to identify new tools and strategies for better decision-making to successfully assess and manage global resources and portfolios.

To view the Conference Agenda, click HERE!

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About the speaker:

Jared Fantasia is currently the Head of Global NPD Portfolio Operations at Johnson & Johnson in their Consumer Products Sector. His entire professional career has been spent within the Johnson & Johnson family of companies where he started in the Pharmaceutical sector in upstream R&D Research, then transitioned to Product Development and Clinical Testing of Consumer products and over the last 7 years has been part of Portfolio & Project Management organization. In his current role, Jared and his team of portfolio analysts have direct responsibility for managing the operations of the project portfolio systems for Consumer J&J globally, training and process improvement of the New Product Development Stage-Gating process, facilitating decision analysis at global cross-business unit governance, and multiple levels of Portfolio analysis reporting.

Harnessing Machine Learning to Increase the Likelihood of Portfolio Success

An interview with Jared Fantasia from Johnson & Johnson

Previous Attendees Include:
  • Amgen  
  • Boehringer Ingelheim 
  • Curium Pharmaceuticals 
  • Daiichi Sankyo 
  • Ferring 
  • Innovate Biopharmaceuticals 
  • Janssen Supply Group 
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals 
  • Merck 
  • Pfizer 
  • Sandoz 
Speakers Include:
  • AbbVie 
  • Biogen 
  • EMD Serono 
  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • Kite Pharma 
  • Novo Nordisk 
  • Pfizer 
  • SpringWorks Therapeutics 
  • Sun Pharmaceutical 
  • Ultragenyx

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Jared Fantasia
Head, Global Portfolio & Project Management Operations at Johnson & Johnson

Ahead of the 12th Annual Pharma Resource Planning & Portfolio Management Conference, we spoke with Jared Fantasia
Head, Global Portfolio & Project Management Operations at Johnson & Johnson.

To view the Conference Agenda, click HERE!

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