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You will be presenting on “Enhancing Resource Management Strategies to Positively Impact Future Planning,” what are some key takeaways the attendees can expect from your session?

Although I’ll be providing a number of real life examples during my presentation, I hope attendees will take away the need to tailor solutions for their specific organizational needs and cultures. Although there are common problems, which occur not only across our industry but in others; there is no one size fits all approach in resource management.  

What strategies can be leveraged to strengthen resource management?

This is a very wide question. Is it improving your predictive capability? Is it improving acceptance of the data in your organization? Is it about effective scenario planning? It is all three! I’ll be touching on all these elements, and more, during the presentation. 

What can be done to strengthen resource management capabilities in order to prepare for long-term planning?

I am a fan of hiring experts, although I would say that being an expert! This is a technically complex area, where non experts can quickly get out of their depth, resulting in either failure or over engineered processes that generate little value.  That being said, those experts do need to be able to communicate with their stakeholders in a way that they can understand. If they can’t, they wil also fail. 

In your experience, what have been the best tools that provide the appropriate data to show under and over utilization?

Your tool of choice needs to be sized for your organization. I’ve seen great resource management in Excel and poor resource management in expensive corporate planning systems. What’s critical is: can you access that data from your chosen tools to generate reports that resonate with your organization and the flexibility to adapt with changing needs? 

What key drivers motivated you to participate at this particular conference? What is the one factor you hope to gain from this forum?

It’s always a pleasure to see how my fellow resource managers have overcome challenges or created new value in their organizations. I hope to gain new ideas that I can use in my current, or future, roles. 

Ahead of the Automation and Standardisation of Derivatives Trade Data and Reporting Conference, we spoke with Dennis Versteeg  Program Manager Financial  Regulations Financial Markets  ING about the MiFIDII and the amendments need to be done and also how regulatory priorities coincide with operational priorities around technological advancements.

About the Conference:

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have fully embraced R&D portfolio management to ensure resources are allocated to winning projects. The huge investments, long development timelines, extreme high risk, and number of products in pipeline requires active management. The ability to determine real time decisions and assess prioritization is crucial in order to drive optimal performance.

This premier marcus evans event will bring together the foremost leaders within the resource planning and portfolio management divisions of Pharma and Biotech companies to identify new tools and strategies for better decision-making to successfully assess and manage global resources and portfolios.

To view the Conference Agenda, click HERE!

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About the speaker:

Simon exposure to planning and resource management systems began over 17 years ago when he joined Pizer in the middle of the implementation of their first global tool. Seeing an opportunity to help implement change in the European Development organization he leaped at the chance to lead the change activities to make the implementation a success. That lead to further opportunities in Pfizer including playing a major role in world largest implementation of Project Server and being part of the team managing the planning and resource management processes for Global Research and Development
Simon has been with AstraZeneca for seven years, first implementing planning and resource management in the Clinical group of their biologics division Medimmune, followed by leading the upgrade to the AZs global resource management tool Planisware. Most recently he joined Biostats and Information Management group in Global Medicines Development to, you guessed it, implement resource management.  

Enhancing Resource Management Strategies to Positively Impact Future Planning

An interview with Simon Hornby from AstraZeneca

Previous Attendees Include:
  • Amgen  
  • Boehringer Ingelheim 
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 
  • Curium Pharmaceuticals 
  • Daiichi Sankyo 
  • Ferring 
  • Innovate Biopharmaceuticals 
  • Janssen Supply Group 
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals 
  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • Kite Pharma 
  • Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals 
  • Merck 
  • Pfizer 
  • Sandoz 
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals 
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals 
Speakers Include:
  • AbbVie 
  • Biogen 
  • EMD Serono 
  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • Kite Pharma 
  • Novo Nordisk 
  • Pfizer 
  • SpringWorks Therapeutics 
  • Sun Pharmaceutical 
  • Ultragenyx

For more information, please contact: Yiota Andreou

Simon Hornby, Director, Portfolio & Resource Management Lead, Biometrics & Information Sciences  at AstraZeneca

Ahead of the 12th Annual Pharma Resource Planning & Portfolio Management Conference, we spoke with Simon Hornby , Director, Portfolio & Resource Management Lead, Biometrics & Information Sciences  at AstraZeneca.

To view the Conference Agenda, click HERE!

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