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What is meant by a global end-to-end business data strategy?

The global End-to-End business data strategy delivers to our key business needs. In our company, speed to market is critical. Similarly to many CPG/FMCG companies, we are using a variety of systems. In order to deliver to customer satisfaction, all systems will need to operate in sync. Therefore, the consistency and completeness of the underlying data, is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately our landscape currently is not yet consistent, hence we’re executing on a business data strategy. 

What are the main challenges with integration across different business and how are you solving those?

Our main challenges currently are to manage all the manual integrations. Therefore, our analytics are different and the speed is limited. The end-to-end business data strategy is helping the company to seize control. First time right and single data capture across the enterprise is what we are heading towards. 

What are your main successes with data supporting business strategy?

Realization of automation (design – deployment) in 6 months and delivering reduction in lead-time for the business. We are now live across the full organization for Customer, Vendor and Material Master – all views, all fields – , generating ~95k requests per year with ~1200 users worldwide. With this level of success we’ve been able to expand scope towards all the data across the organization on the same methodology. 

What would you like to achieve by attending the 19th Edition in Master Data Management: Digitalization, DQ & RPA?

Gain perspective of different companies on similar strategies. I’d like to learn from my peers and gain insights on pitfalls and successes. 

About the Conference:

This marcus evans conference will bring together the best practices of companies which have already walked a long journey and have reached good results in its MDM programmes, and which continue to further increase is maturity and advancement in MDM to further serve the business.

Master Data Management (MDM) refers to the process of creating and managing data that an organization must have as a single master copy, called the master data. Usually, master data can include customers, vendors, employees, and products, but can differ by different industries and even different companies within the same industry. MDM is important because it offers the enterprise a single version of the truth. Without a clearly defined master data, the enterprise runs the risk of having multiple copies of data that are inconsistent with one another.

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About the speaker:

Strategizing the power of information and feeding this into the business operation will enable an organization to reduce cost and improve revenue. The underpinning data therefore is less about the system, but more about organizing the information asset the organization requires. Throughout my career the latter has been my focus and the achieved cost reductions by the business are supporting the added value claim of leading the data strategy. Embarking on digitalization and fast moving dynamic data, the possibilities of business added value through information & data are increasing rapidly. I’ve gained insight experiences across many businesses out of which recently Heinz, PepsiCo, Mediq and FrieslandCampina, the organizations that unlock the true information potential best will lead the market place.

What is meant by a global end-to-end business data strategy?

An interview with Lenno Maris from FrieslandCampina

Speakers Include: 
  • BSH Hausgeräte GmbH 
  • CDQ AG 
  • Coca-Cola Hellenic BSO 
  • Maersk Line 
  • Merck KGaA 
  • Shell 
Previous Attendees Include:
  • adidas 
  • Deutsche Telekom 
  • Henkel 
  • Nestle 
  • Philips 
  • Procter & Gamble  

For more information, please contact: Yiota Andreou

Lenno Maris, Global Director Enterprise Data &  Authorizations Competence Center  at FrieslandCampina

Ahead of the 19th Edition in Master Data Management:Digitalization, DQ & RPA Conference, we spoke with Lenno Maris
Global Director Enterprise Data &  Authorizations Competence Center  at FrieslandCampina.

To view the Conference Agenda, click HERE!

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