“As HR Leaders, we play an important role in influencing CEOs and how corporations deal with workforce challenges, new professions, new skills required in the future, organization models, new leadership capabilities, new ways of working and cultural changes required to embrace the digital era,” says Luciana Camargo, VP, HR, IBM Latin America.

Camargo Pereira is a speaker at the marcus evans Latin HR Summit 2017, in Panama City, Panama, May 25-26.

How is cognitive computing transforming the HR function? Will it touch every part of HR? How?

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, impacting the market, organizations and its people. These new technologies such as cognitive computing (AI), social tools, mobile platforms, sensors, wearables and other electronics have transformed the way people communicate, relate to each other, consume and buy, as well as the way we live and work.

In this context, every company in every industry is re-thinking how to transform its business model to successfully face these new challenges and opportunities in the upcoming years. These come along with a growing demand for new skill sets and organizations that promote speed, flexibility and innovation. HR plays a very important role in supporting the cultural transformation of organizations to allow people to lead, work and learn in a different way. In this regard, AI in the form of cognitive computing becomes a key platform to add value through insights and decision-making that allow to reshape and assist several areas such as Learning, Talent, Workforce planning, Payroll, Compensation, Benefits, Recognition, Talent acquisition, Leadership development and HR service delivery.

What are the biggest challenges HR faces today, and how can cognitive computing be the solution?

The first one is about becoming more and more relevant, and making CEOs aware that digital transformation is about people, not mobile solutions. To better understand the impact of cognitive solutions on the HR function, the IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed 6,000 senior HR executives, CEOs and employees across a range of industries and geographies. We asked 400 CHROs about their current views on cognitive computing. The survey showed CHROs are aligned with their CEOs. More than half recognize that cognitive will be a disruptive force in their industry. CHROs identified five key HR challenges that cognitive solutions can address: slow transformation of skills, overly complex HR processes, misaligned labor costs, lack of agility in responding to change and slow response to employees.

These challenges represent an opportunity to impact the bottom line such as labor cost management and HR process optimization, time-to-productivity and employee engagement and experience.

How will cognitive computing impact the employee experience? 

One of the main characteristics of the digital era is the fact we will be able to approach people as individuals and better understand their needs and interests. This brings an opportunity to reinvent HR and organizational practices. It can be an opportunity to create platforms, processes, tools and solutions that will continue to evolve and sustain their value over time.

Cloud helps on shared resources and more collaboration inside the company. It also impacts employee experience that now can have more space to store their data but also learn from others.

Cognitive computing expands our expertise, augments our capabilities and improves the decision-making and our ability to analyze structured and unstructured data, such as behavioral patterns, social sentiment, personality insights, among others. As an example, a cognitive system could help a hiring manager who is looking to fill an internal role to look at various data sources, including a candidate’s professional experience and previous performance, and then further analyze the candidate against the characteristics of other successful job holders to determine if he or she would be a strong fit for the organization.

Another example is the analysis of thousands of hours of HR service center recordings to identify key words and patterns based on frequency, tone and sentiment.

We as HR have a tremendous opportunity to provide a better experience for applicants, employees, managers and former employees. This brings agility to the organization, better understanding and much better experiences that can help drive higher engagement levels and business results.

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Ahead of the marcus evans Latin HR Summit 2017read here an interview with Luciana Camargo discussing how cognitive computing is impacting HR and the employee experience

Luciana Camargo,


IBM Latin America

How Cognitive Computing is Transforming the HR Function

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The Latin HR Summit is the premium forum bringing elite sellers and senior HR executives together. The Summit offers solution providers and HR executives from across Latin America an intimate environment for a focused discussion of key new drivers shaping the future of HR. Taking place at the Trump Ocean Club, Panama City, Panama, the Summit includes presentations on the economic trends for the Latin American labor market, leadership models, HR best practices and business innovation through technological tools.

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