“We are in a period of significant transition, shaped by technological innovations, the increase in life expectancy and profound social changes. Much is happening in this period of transition – some jobs are being destroyed by robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), others are being augmented, whilst new jobs are being created. As people live longer and more healthily, they want and need to work longer – typically into their 70s. And as society morphs – more women working, a greater focus by both parents on bringing up children – the need for flexibility becomes crucial,” says Lynda Gratton, Thought Leader on People and Organisations.

Gratton is a keynote speaker at the marcus evans HR Summit 2018, taking place in the Gold Coast, Australia, 5 - 7 March.

What does this mean for HR directors? 

Many of our HR practices and processes are now lagging behind what people want and need. In my view, there are three areas we have to move on fast. First, help people understand that their job will change and provide an idea of where their skills could be valuable; second, invest resources in lifelong learning and encourage employees to make the most of these opportunities, and third, create greater flexibility in both where, when and how people work.

How can companies ensure they remain competitive in this environment? How should HR reinvent the people strategy, design jobs and organise work?

To remain competitive, companies have to refocus from tangible to intangible assets. I believe there are three major types of crucial intangible assets – those that help people be productive; those that support vitality and; those that help people to transform. On my website 100yearlife.com you can find a diagnostic that helps you work out whether you are investing in these assets, or simply allowing them to deplete.

How can companies take advantage of longevity?

One of the great potential opportunities today is that so many people will live longer. One of the most crucial implications of this is that we will therefore want and often need to work longer – certainly into our 70s. Yet right now many people leave work in their mid 50s because they struggle to get a job and feel discriminated. As a matter of urgency we need to address the outmoded stereotypes about age and see older people for what they are: people with experience and often deep motivation.

 We are in the midst of a transition that both creates opportunities but also challenges. Corporations and HR departments can play a key role in helping people understand what the future holds and prepare them for it.

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Ahead of the marcus evans HR Summit 2018, read here an interview with 
Lynda Gratton discussing how HR can design jobs and organise work to ensure future growth

Lynda Gratton 

Thought Leader on People and Organisations

How HR Can Prepare for the Future of Work

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About the HR Summit 2018

The 14th annual HR Summit is the premium forum bringing elite buyers and sellers together. The Summit offers chief HR executives and service and solution providers an intimate environment for a focused discussion of the key new drivers shaping corporate priorities and HR strategies. Taking place at the RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland, 5 – 7 March, the Summit includes presentations on a range of topics, including reimagining the company culture, company agility, capitalising on people analytics, improving the employee experience and unlocking talent.

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Summit Speakers
  • Muneesh Wadhwa, Founder, Humanity in Business
  • Dianne Cassen, Head of HR, Meriton Group
  • Rita Cincotta, VP People & Culture, Swinburne University
  • Simone Carroll, EGM Digital, Marketing, People & Culture, Vicinity Group
  • Charmian Fry, Head of Learning, Suncorp Group
  • Carlene York, Assistant Commissioner, NSW Police Force

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5 - 7 March 2018

RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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