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14th Edition Health, Safety & the Environment: What Next?

30 September-2 October 2019
Radisson Blu, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

What do you think will change in HSE in the next 5 years? What should we be prepared for?

Safety will move “forward” in the project life cycle. SHE is still too often only addressed during the execution of the work, which is less effective and more expensive. The shift and focus is towards safety in design, innovation, right selection of contractors, good practices instead of best practice, etc.  

The Human factor will be excluded as much as possible to exclude human errors and if human interventions are necessary, these will come with at least a double layer of control measures. The duty of caring culture will further be widely implemented instead of the no blame culture and virtual assistance for SHE will come in place to help out with the daily SHE questions.

The role of the safety manager will further change from guaranteeing compliance with legislation, assessing work and implementing controls to become a coordinator / promotor and stimulator of non SHE colleagues and leaders taking ownership to SHE and seeing safety integrated in the work process and not a separate item.

What is Traditional Safety for you?

Compliance based driven safety is traditional safety in my opinion and prevents continual improvement and innovation to take place.

Trying to obtain “goal zero” accidents or injuries in this compliance driven context will result in a prescriptive and complex system that is difficult (almost not feasible) to be maintained and needs constant focus on every aspect of the job.

Global safety strategy or focus on local safety problems: what would you choose?

A global safety strategy that uses global experience and can deal with the local safety problems.

Are you a proponent or an opponent of BBS?

I’m all in for Behaviour Based Safety and the Bradley curve.

Should mental health, wellbeing and behaviour be apart HSE or a part of HSE?

Behaviour should be a part of SHE, wellbeing and mental health can better be addressed through e.g. Human Resources.

What would you like to achieve by attending the 14th Edition Health, Safety & the Environment: What Next Conference?

Further building up my network and seeing what other companies are doing/proposing in SHE to overcome the challenges faced.

An interview with:

Jan Demeere, SH&E Director Continental Europe at AECOM, Belgium

Whatever sort of business it is, there is always the possibility of an accident or damage to someone's health. Safety does not come about by accident: most accidents happen because they have not been prevented, but at the same time the prevention system is a strong part of a global safety strategy of the organisation.

This marcus evans conference will serve as a platform to discuss how to build this strategy right and simplify safety systems by going back to basics. We will talk about future safety solutions in terms of digitalisation and technology in order to show how to use technologies properly but also not to get lost in the digital world. We live in a world where it is not enough to just invest in risk analysis and investigation, we know now what the main hazards are, but we still cannot manage them and walk away with a suitable and appropriate solution. Thus, we will explore how to create a joint safety system and involve TOP-management in developing corporate safety strategy, how to make safety rules organic and invisible in the daily work and use smart technologies for safety trainings and reporting in the organisation. We will also look into building up safety leadership and culture, which should be the backbone of any successful HSE strategy. We will ultimately try to bring more safety discipline into the day-to-day business with an integrative leadership approach and a renewed safety perception.

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Jan Demeere is an environmental engineer with a passion for safety, health and environment (SHE). Jan Joined AECOM in 2003 and is since more than 13 years responsible for implementing a SHE program at AECOM. The activities of AECOM are widely varied starting from delivering environmental and governmental services, civil and infrastructure works and design, build, operate, maintain and  finance buildings. Currently being the SHE director for AECOM in Continental Europe and based in Belgium, Jan and his team are overlooking 30 countries with very diverse cultures and guide them towards safety excellence using a  multi-years  transformation plan, annual action plans in which effective leadership, active involvement and employee participation are our foundations. Also rooted in our SH&E Management System, AECOM's "culture of caring" sets an expectation for each employee, contractor and business partner to take personal responsibility for keeping our colleagues and others associated with our work, safe, healthy and act with respect for our environment. At AECOM we embrace safety, health and respect for the environment as a lifestyle choice by maintaining essential procedures and behaviours everywhere we go.

To view the Conference Agenda, click HERE! 

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