25 – 27 November 2019

Nicholas is an award-winning internal communicator with over a dozen years' internal comms experience, both in the UK and in the Middle East. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communications, a Steering Committee member of Engage for Success, and a Committee member of the Institute of Internal Communications London. His mantra is to 'keep the complex, simple' and this has led to him succeeding in delivering campaigns from business transformations to head office moves to charity rock concerts.

Expert Speaker Panel:

 Liz Raczi                                                                           Global Diversity and EE                                        BNP Paribas Securities Services

Ralf Larsson
Director, Online Employee Engagement & Development

Karen Cordle
Head of People
Foodspring GmbH

Kate Cooper
Head of Policy, Research & Standards
The Institute of Leadership & Management

Irene Savitskaya
Head of HR
Formerly NOKIA

Birgit Bjørnsen
SVP, Employee Experience
Telenor Group

Isabel Arribas
Head of Employee Experience
Admiral Seguros

Brigitte Laurent
Global Head of Engagement

Simon Garcia
Head of Employee Engagement

Angela Muller
Head of Employee Engagement

Emily Hawkins
HR Director
M&C Saatchl

Asif Sadiq
Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
The Telegraph

Jonathan Parr
Independent Consultant

Cadence Wills
Global Head of Engagement &CSR
Collinson Group

Nicholas Wardle
Head of Employee Engagement and Communications
One Housing

About the Speaker :

"FROM THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE": How to facilitate a business transformation to drive continuous employee engagement

An interview with Nicholas Wardle , Head of Employee Engagement and Communications in One Housing

  • Is it important to create initiatives that drive employee engagement? How do you begin to create these?

Of course it's important! It's beginning to be a recognised fact that effective employee engagement can boost profits and productivity by around 20%, so there's a firm metric in place to prick up the ears of senior leaders.

You should always design initiatives with the employee in mind, using evidence from employee voice mechanisms. For example, your annual or pulse surveys will provide rich data of what's going well and what needs improving. So, if your employees feel they don't see or hear enough from senior leaders, you should design initiatives to improve this. And any initiative should always be values-driven, and be working towards one of your corporate objectives.

  • Who should be the key players involved in creating and driving some of these initiatives?

The more that comes 'from the people, for the people' the better. So, if it's recognised that, for example, your organisation is lacking on the CSR front, the more you can get employees involved the better. And there's no reason why people from Finance, IT or the Call Centre shouldn't take the lead - employee engagement is everyone's responsibility. Of course, you need senior leadership buy-in too - including leading from the front by embracing initiatives.  

  • What are some of the challenges to engagement caused by uncertainty? How can companies begin to overcome some of these?

Uncertainty is certainly an enemy of engagement. If employees are not kept up-to-date, it's often human nature to fill the gaps yourself with speculation (oftentimes negative). The vast majority of employees are emotionally invested in their organisation, and desire to know what goes on. So, the challenge is to communicate often enough to keep people involved, but not so much as to overwhelm them. With internal social media on the rise within organisations (Yammer, Workplace etc.); increasingly, employees are self-selecting what they receive. It's great that they have this control, but it means they may opt out of a message. Therefore, simply posting something on a channel doesn't mean your job is done. All important messages require a multi-pronged approach - using online, offline, and, vitally, still some face-to-face. And then a follow-up to see if the message has landed. If you have the evidence that important information is reaching your workforce, then naturally you can be confident there will be less uncertainty.

  • What would you like to achieve by attending the marcus evans 2nd Edition of Employee Engagement conference?

Put simply: to learn from my peers. Of course, there's some fabulous speakers, and I always learn as much, if not more, from the coffee break conversations.

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It is important to understand how to drive engagement through consistent attention to development of employees. Measurement of engagement is also a critical component to the coherent engagement strategy, and is an area of interesting debate, particularly when it comes to interpretation of data. Communication is considered to be one of the key building blocks to engagement and internal communications is another key area to build on to further engagement within a company. On the other hand, the movement towards increased digitalisation in various areas of the business has made an impact on engagement. But what exactly is this impact and how can we make the very most of it? At this marcus evans industry meeting, we will look into these unique areas that will make the picture clearer into the best strategic step forward. 

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