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CX 4.0: Experience Transformation & Service Excellence 

A one-stop platform to explore ways to set new standards in customer experience and understand the mind of the customers and their evolving needs. 

4th -6th November, Virtual 

Singapore Standard Time (SST) 

marcus evans Pan Asian 

Very interesting topics chosen, very informative and provided important and diverse perspectives.

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Diverse speakers from a variety of industries, each with unique insights on making CX better.

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Overall communication, coordination and organization of the event has been commendable. Quality of speakers is value adding.


An Interview with Olivia Kosasih, Former Direct Marketing & CRM Domain Leader,  

bp Australia

Ahead of the CX 4.0  conference, we spoke to Olivia Kosasih in an depth industry insight on Customer Experience and the challenges faced on certain issues in today's day and age.  Marcus Evans CX 4.0: Experience Transformation & Service Excellence conference
provides one-stop platform to explore ways to set new standards in customer experience and understand the min d of the customers and their evolving needs. Harnessing new technologies and approaches, delivering tomorrow’s experience today and cultivating loyalty is a vital driver of achieving success. This highly anticipated event is an excellent platform to network, exchange ideas, seek business opportunities and tap into the experience of key industry leaders.

What are the current top 5 challenges faced by Customer Experience Officers (CXOs) in the region today ?


Establishing and unifying CX vision amongst C-suites of what this vision looks like and to live/enact this vision.


  • Breaking down the silos and working together towards the common goal – “we exist to create a better life/world for our customers
  • A shift of mindset “Employees are mere workers exist to generate $$$ for an organisation” to “Employees are human beings with emotional needs whom we (organisations) need to meet, empower and look after”


“Show me the money – NOW!”

  • Balancing between short term and long-term investment returns
  • Managing expectation that CX practices deliver long term returns

What are some effective employee engagement strategies that could be implemented to deliver a seamless CX journey?

  • Freedom and empowerment – Processes/procedures and policies are here to help organisations to run their operations smoothly however some of these policies and procedures aren’t conducive in building customer relationships. Having the courage to allow and empower the front-line team members to exercise their better judgement where they see it fits in circumstance where process and policies are likely to impact on customer experience.
  • Trust that your employees will do the right things for your customers. Trust that your customers won’t take advantage of you (the organisation)

How important is it to augment customer interactions using AI and Intelligent Assistants?

Industry and target audience dependant.

AI and machine learning are excellent enablement tools which can help organisations respond to their customer needs faster and efficiently however this won’t 100% replace the need for emotional interactions where we see a lot within the luxury industry – apparel segment and persona banking – first home loan.

Why is it important to be open to transitioning from Online vs. Mobile to Browser vs. App in the digitalisation of CX? 

We are living in omnichannel word where customers touch points are fragmented between various channels thus organisations are encouraged to be nimble when it comes to establishing these channels in their digital roadmap.

What are the steps to empowering customers to become more digital self-service customers? 

  • Convenience
  • Education
  • Support

In your opinion, where does the customer experience end or do you think it should be an endless journey? 

Customer experience should be an endless journey from the minute a customer learns about the brand and leaves the brand. By having this endless customer experience journey, this will ensure a brand stays congruence with its essence no matter where a customer is at in his/her lifecycle.

You will be presenting at the upcoming event. Which topic (other than your own) interests you most? Why?

Using technologies such as IoT and AI to enhance CX.

Why you should attend this marcus evans conference?

Gain insights into best practices including : 

  • Benchmarking your business and brand in providing best-in-class CX.
  • Leveraging tools, technologies and analytics for insights to improve and customise CX. 
  • Fostering a customer centric culture in your business to achieve desired results .
  •  Advancing technical know-how in innovative technologies and applying them into the customer journey mapping .
  •  Enhancing communication by utilising AI, Emo-bot, NBA/NBO, big data for quick customer interaction and service delivery .
  •  Embracing the advantage of online and offline platforms for better CX journey mapping.

Showcasing global practitioners and trendsetters : 

  • Jamal Al Awadhi, Vice President – Product & Guest Experience, Etihad Airways, United Arab Emirates 
  • Avis Easteal, Regional Head of Consumer ,Luxasia, Singapore
  • Syarif Lee, Chief Customer Officer , Lazada, Malaysia 
  • Sarah Somerville Senior Director of Customer Engagement, Loyalty and Partnerships Asia Pacific ,Hilton, Singapore 
  • Raj Chaudhuri ,Director of Customer Fulfillment Network, Global Service Group , American Express, Malaysia
  • Remi Segoin, Regional Senior Director of Customer Experience ,Manulife , Hong Kong
  • Babul Balakrishnan AVP , Customer Experience Operations , Starhub, Singapore

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