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Excellence in Outage & Customer Communication for Utilities 

20-21 March 2019
Charlotte, NC, United States of America

David Goldberg will be presenting during the first day, 20th of March at 12:45pm

Presentation topic:  Developing an Outage Communication Process through Interdepartmental Collaboration, a Corporate Playbook, and Phasing that Focuses on Public Safety and Customers 

•Creating booklets, flyers, and manuals for external and internal stakeholders on your outage communication process 

•Ensuring customers are familiar with your plans and strategies on storm restoration before, during and after an incident 

•Establishing all branches of your company are educated in crisis response so departments know where to direct end users 

•Gain insightful feedback from end user response and recognizing how to put it to use to improve your service

What our clients think of us
We pride ourselves at being responsive to our clients and incorporate feedback into our activities with our clients.
Dennis Lytle, Manager of Operations & Safety at Entergy
"Topics are current and beneficial. Networking opportunities have been outstanding"
Sarah Wood, Supervisor, Distribution Grid Operations at Toronto Hydro
“Knowledgeable experiences presenters sharing how they are managing common current challenges in pour industry”

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David Goldberg's presentation topic 

An interview with David Goldberg, Director Customer & Community Engagement at Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)

Ahead of the Excellence in Outage & Customer Communication for Utilities, we spoke with David Goldberg, Director Customer & Community Engagement at JEA  about an outage communication process through interdepartmental collaboration. 

What would you tell other utilities are some of the bigger challenges they may face at the beginning of revamping an outreach program?

Creating and prioritizing clear objectives that align with the different stakeholders’ expectations is critical. You must define what success looks like. I believe cross-collaboration is the critical piece in this first step, making sure you are getting different perspectives, define the root issues and formulate a plan to work through solutions

How has JEA’s “restoration 123” enhanced customer loyalty and experience?

The JDP survey wave immediately following hurricane season showed us gaining a substantial uptick in communication recall and many comments specific to our hurricane messaging. For the community to know we were prepared and were educating them on what to expect, I believe, instilled a level of confidence and peace of mind to increase positive community perception.

What were some of your internal communication challenges during your process of revamping your outage communication playbook?

Finding the time to do the work and meet within everyone’s schedules, as this project was very intense and impacted a lot of people who already were busy with their day-to-day jobs.

What is one interesting item about your professional career or current role that one might not know from looking at your bio or LinkedIn profile?

I really love what I do. I have the opportunity to create an impact on the lives of those across our community with the messaging, services and programs we provide. Knowing I am part of the team who impacts our reputation and works to move that needle gives me great satisfaction. 

What are you most looking forward to at the Excellence in Outage & Customer Communication for Utilities Conference?

I am looking forward to meeting new people and sharing best practices – as well as hearing about the challenges we all face, as that always feels comforting to know we are all in this together.
  • Pioneer Best Practices of Customer Outreach via Multiple Channels and Methods with Gulf Power

  • Prepare Mass Messaging Ahead of Issues, Including the Oncoming and Unanticipated with Duke Energy
  • Generate Transparency but Maintaining Control Over the Amount of Information that is Shared with Georgia Power

  • Analyze Effective Communication Strategies to Mitigate Negative Customer Sentiment via Tools and Tactics with Southern California Edison
  • Becca Boles, Corporate Communications Director, Gulf Power
  • Tomaso Giannelli, Senior Manager-Outage Management & Communications, Southern California Edison
  • Sandy Buzzard, Digital Strategy Manager, Duke Energy
  • Meredith Stone
    Media & Crisis Communications Leader
    Georgia Power Company

  • Jim Salmon
    Vice President
    Holland Power Services

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