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9th Edition

Business Performance Management 

23-24 May 2019
Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten, Germany

Could you please elaborate on the Ecolab’s strategy to achieve lasting, impactful BI solutions?

Ecolab’s digital strategy is all about adding value: help answering business needs, not simply pushing technologies. Digital for the sake of digital is a waste of time and money. It’s paramount to understand what your customers/colleagues are trying to achieve and how technology can help them be successful.
In Ecolab Finance, digital solutions enable associates to focus on business partnering, gain powerful insights and work efficiently. Business users get user-friendly, dynamic dashboards tailored to their specific roles.
Close collaboration with business users is at the heart of our digital strategy: from the initial development to driving adoption. To have a structural impact, we must understand the business context and create relevant, actionable tools. Training and change management secure that solutions are being used, while feedback loops and updates keep our tools aligned to business requirements.

Could you talk to us about the importance of using modern technology to achieve zero operations?

Zero Operations is an operating model that allows our associates to be as effective as possible. It frees up time for value adding activities and provides better tools. The existing process of report creation and analytics is being transformed from labour intense activities to one controlled, automated flow.
The transformation wouldn’t be possible without digital technologies. Recent developments in cloud computing provide solutions that were either not available before or didn’t make sense economically. The flexibility, power and wealth of applications in today’s cloud platforms is impressive and will continue to grow. 

How can companies drive smart digital transformation?

Successful transformation means making a lasting impact. Besides answering business needs by means of technology and collaboration, it’s important to look at the impact from a broad organisational perspective.
What is necessary to implement the ‘initial change’, such as technologies, developers, IT dependencies, training and business support. Keep sight on how the transformation affects business processes and organisational design (often beyond the directly involved teams). Is the organisation culturally ready? How to govern the transformation across different business units and functions?
Many questions and no straight answers. Yet, keep sight on the full organisation as people and processes are intertwined. 

What would you like to achieve by attending the 9th Edition Business Performance Management Conference?

Learn from and be inspired by peers who are working on digital initiatives.

An interview with:

Alex van der Kooij
Finance Director – Digital Analytics EuropeI
Ecolab, Switzerland

By attending our annual marcus interactive conference on Business Performance Management you can take a deep dive into the future of the finance function. You can join practical discussions around how to make finance leaner with digitization, how to be more proactive, collaborative and do market-oriented controlling, and how to improve overall performance and business engagement. Only by setting a clear vision and strategy, will you be able to progress from numbers-driven to business-driven. Join your peers for honest and comprehensive discussions and learn from practical case studies!

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About the conference

Ecolab’s strategy in achieving lasting and impactful BI solutions

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Alex van der Kooij has a broad experience in finance and decision support in consumer goods and business-to-business industries. On the cross-road of business, finance and analytics, Alex has created new capabilities that enable informed decision-making by providing actionable and relevant insights. Having worked on both the receiving and providing end of management information, he understands business needs and technological possibilities.
Currently Alex leads the newly established Digital Analytics for Ecolab Europe, where customer centricity and technology are at the heart of delivering impactful solutions: Performance Management delivered through “Zero Operations”.

To view the Conference Agenda, click HERE! 

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