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7th Annual 

R&D Performance Management

7-8 October 2021 - Berlin, Germany | Option to Attend Online

An interview with:

Marc Schlichtner, Principal Key Expert, Portfolio Management Digital Health, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Germany

Join our unique R&D Performance Management conference to discuss how to balance risk and benefit in your portfolio, and how to do performance management in a proactive and innovative way. We will explore how to align financial metrics to value drivers in the business, and how to best manage prioritization and improve R&D effectiveness with detailed cost monitoring, as well as take into account the impact of sustainability and digitalization on your portfolio strategy. You will learn from practical case studies and network with your peers at the cross-lines of R&D Finance, R&D, and Project Portfolio Management.  

More precisely, you will learn how to:

Explore in-depth methods to balance risk and benefit in your portfolio
Overview improvement in R&D effectiveness with detailed cost monitoring
Link financial metrics correctly, to value drivers in the business
Discuss external vs internal innovation: long-range business  plans and valuation
Explore resource allocation management and prioritize between projects

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About the conference

Marc Schlichtner is the Principal Key Expert, Portfolio Management Digital Health, for Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Germany. Starting his career in Siemens almost two decades ago, Marc has been successfully engaged in portfolio management for a plethora of projects in the organization, leading to his current position in Siemens - Healthineers where he drives platform-based ecosystem and servitization of offerings evangelizes employees and managers for building critical mass of support for digitalization while overseeing organizational and operational change.

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Marc will be a keynote speaker in one of marcus evans most popular conferences, the 7th Annual R&D Performance Management conference, and through his vast experience in portfolio management, he will share his views on how to exploit and explore effectively when innovating. 

But, prior to his presentation in the event, Marc has provided us with his views on R&D and Innovation as well as the effect of digitalization on such important organisational processes. Enjoy Marc's interview!

         To view the agenda of the conference, click here (email required)

1)R&D and innovation have been central in focus for advancing organizations but given the last two years' situation, negative or positive impact has been unavoidable. Do you agree with this statement?

Yes, I do agree there have been both negative and positive impacts especially due to the corona crisis. On the positive side many decisions came in faster and quicker especially in the healthcare domain. On the negative side, there was a closer look at investments, decisions, and where to allocate capital, as they had to be taken in a much more cautious manner than before.

2)To what extent do you believe the enterprises have been affected by any changes?

I think enterprises have been affected significantly. It is becoming more and more obvious that there is a significant change in how to invest and how to manage your R&D portfolio. Former practices of long-running R&D projects following waterfall principles and similar project management philosophies are being extinct from organizations. 

3) What are the key considerations that professionals actively engaged in R&D Controlling should have in mind for the future

I believe a crucial part is to manage your R&D portfolio very wisely. It is extremely crucial to not only invest in the exploitation R&D, meaning incremental and financial innovations but also in the explorative R&D spectrum where you will look at the next big thing for your company so to say in the space of disruptive innovations.

4Can the term "digitalization" be applied against all challenges as a solution? Or do we need to invest in alternative methods in R&D controlling performance

To answer this question one needs to specify first what digitalization really means. I believe that many things are summarized when people talk about digitalization. if I would answer the question regarding alternative methods in our R&D controlling performance I would definitely say yes we need to adapt to new ways, investing differently in R&D . Referring to my earlier answer we need to be able to measure and control both explorative as well as exploitative investments. This will especially account for the KPI set that we apply to measure success in exploration activities.

5)What, for you, are the benefits of attending a conference like the R&D Performance Management and what can attendees expect to learn from your session? 

I believe that the very important topic is always an outside view. Therefore it is always good to get new insights and connect with like-minded people.  And that is exactly what one can expect from my session; fresh insides different views and hopefully some learnings they can take home.