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16th Annual Event

Cross-Functional Alignment through S&OP/IBP

9-11 March 2020
Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Do you agree that companies should adopt a more modernised approach in terms of their S&OP strategy?

Yes, of course, I do agree. The usage of technology is changing. It is no more only the ERP or the BI that enables and gives functionalities to corporations so they can operate in compliance, in sync and with clarity. In today's world more and more, usage of AI, Robotics and Automation is playing a vital role. In some areas, still experimental and in some already functional and working. With no doubt, full benefits will come only after a certain scale, so we will observe more and more consolidation in markets and in corporations across different industries.  

Can you please talk us through Sony’s journey on the consolidation of its European Business Operations?

Our journey started 7 years ago, and SONY in Europe decided to consolidate its business operations functions across Europe into Budapest. Within 18 months we completed the project and due to its success kept on expanding to today.

We have scoped initially 350 activities from functions like Sales Order Processing / Master Data / Supply Chain / Commercial Investments / Reporting / Logistics / Pricing etc. Clustered them from a business perspective into Non-Critical, Medium Critical and Critical Processes, started with Non-Critical and knowledge transferred them to Budapest with a clear sign off procedure. At the end of 18 months, all phases were completed.    

How does Sony deal with the advancement of technology and how have Robotics, Automation, and AI affected its operations and performance?

Three years ago, I built a department and started recruiting our 1st software developers in this area. And today, across all 3 topics, we are very active. We are using artificial intelligence to read and understand data/mails, robotics to execute high volume standard processes and automation almost for everything. The immediate impact people think is that Automation and Robotics will increase the efficiency and therefor the costs will come down. It is indeed true, and we have probably automated equivalent of 40 FTE workload. My personal passion is not only in the cost down, there are exciting achievements you will pursue in terms of speed of service, customer satisfaction but also support to front-end in terms of sales, pricing, and forecasting. When you are on this topic, you really feel there are no limits to what can be done or improved. I believe AI will become more and more embedded into our day to day.'

What is the role of the Executive Leadership in S&OP? S&OP needs time and patience: What is the best way to pass this message on to senior authorities?

Leadership teams within S&OP area shall start with small projects for the learning curve. After every small success, they shall celebrate and communicate. In today’s world, senior authorities will listen as it is the trendiest topic you can ever talk or speak about. If you bring them some working examples, they will love it and provide the support needed. It is also important to stay on the ground while creating expectations.  

What advice would you give to companies who are now in the process of digitalising their S&OP processes?

They shall focus on the speed while taking the decisions. Be brave and take the risk. Learn fast and design the future. I would absolutely advise them to build their own Automation Team including AI and Robotics. Also, alongside the digitalisation, they shall focus on consolidation where possible.   

What would you like to achieve by attending the 16th Annual Event Cross-Functional Alignment through S&OP/IBP event? 

Networking, exchange of ideas and a pulse check on recent developments.   

An interview with:

Cuneyt Kayacan, Head of Sales Business Operations Europe at SONY Europe

Whatever Sales and Operations Planning provides the key communication links for top management to coordinate the various planning activities in a business, but also remains one of the least understood aspects in Supply Chain Management.

Better integration between functional areas in a business is one of the major payoffs of S&OP. Once collaboration between the top levels of the functional areas is developed, it can be translated into detailed plans that are in line with top level agreements. This results in a set of common goals, improved communication and transparent systems.

The fence mending process in a business and the cross-functional alignment through S&OP will figure prominently on the agenda. By attending this marcus evans pan-European and cross-industry conference you will be able to learn how to establish and optimise an S&OP network, and how to move the focus from Supply Chain Optimisation to financial benefits in the overall business. We will debate how the role of a one-number plan is likely to change and discuss the differences in planning. What can be said is there is a lot to play for – the challenges extend from synchronising forecasting, creating a common plan, to improving the decision making process by engaging the top-management. Join us for thought-provoking discussions and insightful case studies.

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Cuneyt Kayacan, Head of European Sales Business Operations of SONY Europe has been with SONY for 23 years. He has begun his career in Switzerland and since then has been in various functions like Business Planning, Financial Reporting, Marketing, Supply Chain, and recently he is in charge of all Sales Business Operations across Europe. He also has lived across several countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey, and recently in Hungary. In his recent responsibility, Cuneyt has consolidated and built a European Platform for over 400 activities in fields of supply chain, sales order processing, commercial investments, reporting, master data etc covering all business groups of SONY. In this role, apart from harmonisation, he has implemented several automation projects and had experienced vast usage of robotics and artificial intelligence. Throughout the years Cuneyt has built the experience in leading large and multinational organisations.

To view the Conference Agenda, click HERE! 

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