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4th edition

R&D Controlling and Performance Management

27-29 November 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands 

  • You will be giving a presentation on the topic, “An International R&D Organisation: from process-centered to people-centered”, what are some key takeaways attendees can expect from your session?

In this presentation, I will share my practical experience of designing and setting up a R&D performance and efficiency process based on user-centricity. As compared to more traditional system-driven, KPI-based approaches, we have decided to conceive the design of our performance monitoring with our end-users in mind, and we have dedicated a lot of time and attention to the on-boarding of the R&D community.

The key take-aways of this presentation are therefore the best practices of a user-centric performance ecosystem, the main design principles which made it a success and a reflection on how to add value across the whole chain of stakeholders.


  • When it comes to decision-making in an international team, what should be taken into account?

Decision-making can easily be perceived as a two-person job: the one who collects the data and the one that decides. The reality however is that the power of the decision is influenced by the quality of the data, in which the whole chain of contributors is involved. With a team spread across multiple time zones and responsible for very different missions, the priority of the performance team becomes to synchronise and harmonise the flow of high quality data. In our experience this can only be achieved at the condition that the teams generating data also find value in the system for themselves rather than just for a remote decision maker.

  • In your opinion, how difficult is it to control R&D and to make sure it brings return on investment?

By design, R&D is a function which gathers a very diverse group of passionate people, from highly creative to very scientific. They can have biases for working outside systems or for excessive details, which can become a challenge for controlling. That’s why we believe that a user-centric system which generates value for the users as much as for the decision maker is an efficient way to enable controlling through performance and efficiency management.

  • What key drivers motivated you to participate in the marcus evans 4th edition R&D Controlling and Performance Management conference? What do you hope to gain?

I am looking forward to understanding how different companies are approaching the question of performance and efficiency management for R&D, and I hope to be able to cross-fertilise by comparing practices across industries.

An interview with:

Marie Dobenesque, Global R&D Director First Diet at Danone Nutricia Research

In the current, fast-changing environment, companies must prioritise and avoid wasteful R&D investments. R&D controllers have to learn how to work well with innovation managers for better results, not least of which is how to ensure you get the most benefit out of portfolios and overcome bottlenecks in the process. Having the right capabilities, the right toolbox, and the right processes in place is crucial if R&D performance management is to make a difference.

By attending this marcus evans pan-European and cross-industry conference for controllers and R&D professionals, you will be able to discuss how to get the most out of your investment; you will be able to benchmark how others are doing valuations and project prioritisation and discuss the R&D finance, more technical aspects, as well as the important strategic question of looking beyond typical project metrics to assess the economic value of knowledge generated by R&D. You will be able to explore the impact of external financing or partnering on how you manage your portfolio. The case studies will be practical and the discussions open and interactive for maximum learning and knowledge sharing.

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Marie Dobenesque has 16-year experience in Research & Development in multinational groups. After completing her Master degree in Biochemistry and Life Sciences in Paris engineering school, she first joined the Unilever global R&D center in the Netherlands, to work in the area of emulsions and margarine. She then joined the Danone group 9 years ago, where she has occupied various positions in the Advanced Medical and Early Life Nutrition divisions, both in global and local teams. Her roles have successively focused on short-term business impact as well as strategic and process-improvement programs. She is currently R&D Director of the Food category within the Specialized Nutrition Division of Danone Nutricia.

This well-rounded professional experience provided Marie with an expertise of all stages and processes of the lifecycle of innovation. This in-depth understanding of R&D success factors enables her to be confident about achieving excellence in customer-centric innovation at the service of delivering strong business performance, topline and bottom-line.

Marie is also an active advocate of Inclusive Diversity and is passionate about the topic of leadership stereotype. She has driven a volunteer-led initiative on the topic of Inclusive Diversity in the Benelux for the last 2 years which has been recognized internally for its impact on the awareness and change toward a more inclusive culture.

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