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18th — 20th February 2019


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Continuing 10+ years of excellence in high-level events for the boardroom

The coming years will be a new era for Malaysian boards. Companies now find themselves with innovative technologies, new talent pools and changing company cultures at their fingertips. To develop a winning strategy and come out on top, it will fall to the boardroom leadership to act decisively and precisely on each of these immense opportunities.

Marcus Evans’ Boardroom 4.0 continues 10+ years of excellence in boardroom-focused senior leadership events worldwide. At Boardroom 4.0 in Kuala Lumpur the best leaders from Malaysia and worldwide will come together to maximise performance during a time of great change. If you’re a decision maker, leader, a boardroom voice and a custodian of governance, this is the event for you!

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Topics of the Conference Include:


  • Boosting board member excellence in executing and managing
    fiduciary duties 

  • Rethinking your organisation’s place in a world of startups and
    innovative new businesses 
  • Enhancing performance from and within the boardroom to
    develop a lean, mean corporate powerhouse 
  • Maximising your leadership’s leverage by forging an open conversation culture
  • Mastering brand resilience practices and plans that will give
    your product and company goodwill during hard times 
  • Crafting ethics practices and corporate governance standards
    that are world-class 
  • Implementing crisis response and mitigation procedures to
    stronghold against the unexpected 
  • Engaging technologies and disruptive trends so that you are
    the shaker rather than the shaken 
  • Pathfinding a corporate identity and hiring priorities to ensure
    proper representation of diversity, rules or no rules
Azran Osman-Rani 
Dr. Jayanthi Desan 
Non-Executive Director
Raj Lorenz 
Independent Non-
Executive Director
Ramesh Pillai 
Independent Non-
Executive Director
Fuad Sharuji 
Crisis Director – MH370
& MH17

Mohamed Ridza Abdullah
Independent Non-Executive Director
Ravin Gill Policy Advisor 
AML/ CFT/ Corporate Governance

Dato’ Yusli Mohamed Yusoff
Independent Non-Executive Director

Featuring Our Distinguished Speakers:


High performance matters because it leads to better results. Benefits to a company include increased revenue, higher productivity, improved safety and quality outcomes, heightened morale, and more satisfied shareholders, customers and employees. More and more, boards are being challenged to move beyond monitoring budgets and compliance to embrace performance. This masterclass will provide valuable insights into high performance environments in business, sport, the arts, science and the military. The conditions for high performance can be created and high performance techniques can be directly applied in the boardroom. The masterclass complements the conference themes of strategy in the boardroom and will provide delegates with meaningful takeaways on how to drive high performance in your boardroom.

International Workshop Leader:
Brad McManus, MIB MBA, FAICD, FAIM, FAHRI, High Performance Coach
SCOPEONE, Australia

Brad is an experienced executive coach specialising in high performance. He is the recipient of Davos Australian Leadership Award for being at the forefront of his concern field, leadership development. He is listed in Marquis' Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in Business in Australia.

Insights and input from different regions, practical tips from professionals, exchanges of views and experiences. 
Bursa Malaysia, Malaysia
Networking, understanding best practices and understanding the board’s role.
Malaysia Smelting Corp., Singapore
More understanding of board dynamics, networking with key experts and other delegates.
PT Dian Swastatika Sentosa, Indonesia
Wider perspectives from different delegates from different countries, better understanding of the role of the board, and tips how to be a better chairman. 
Design Studio, Singapore
Dr. Ir. Jeyanthi Ramasamy
Independent Non-Executive Director
Paul Smith 

Endorser & Media Partners 

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