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Increasing Global Harmonized Regulation -

Solvency II Post Go-Live: Challenges & Opportunities for the Insurance Industry





Remaining largely unchanged over the past century, the traditional insurance sector is now facing a range of significant challenges. The emergence of InsurTech and of new business models, such as P2P (Peer-to-Peer) insurance, is already having a disruptive effect on incumbents that are struggling to find yield and stay profitable in a low-interest rate environment. Not to mention the increasingly heavy regulation weighing on the sector, with European insurers having to embed the full scope of Solvency II and the further burden of stress-testing into business-as-usual, and the Brexit issue that is causing additional uncertainty regarding the future of prudential regulation in the UK. Yet, in spite of all of this, it is absolutely essential for society and the economy as a whole that the insurance sector remain buoyant, offering innovative risk coverage that is aligned with changing consumer habits and priorities and a dynamic capacity for long-term investment.

So we've brought together some of the sectors leading experts to offer some invaluable insight and guidance on some of the key issues that the Insurance industry is facing.

They examine:

  • Experiences from Solvency II Go-Live in 2016
  • Challenges for the traditional insurance market arising from InsurTech and the 'unbundling' of insurance
  • Expected changes in the results of EIOPA stress tests 2016 compared to 2014
  • Taking ownership and responsibilities of data in light of Solvency II 
  • Looking into data management and analytics​
  • The impact of Brexit on the insurance industry and the future of prudential regulation


Bringing together the industry's leading lights

Varun Verma

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Louisa Renoux
Groupe Aesio

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Stewart Gray
Standard Life

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Anne Leslie Bini

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