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Managing Complexity of Reporting Under CRS to Authorities across the Globe

Patrick currently heads Coutts Operational Tax team with responsibility for the implementation and operation of FATCA, CRS and the Crown Dependency and Overseas Territory Inter Governmental Agreements. Additionally Patrick leads the operation of Tax Risk Assurance activities in Coutts. Patrick is a Chartered Accountant with a background in international tax law. He trained with Arthur Andersen and has since worked for Zurich Financial Services, NatWest and Deutsche Bank as a Global MD of their Internal Consulting Services based both in Europe and the US.

Patrick Wilson

Head of Operational Tax at Coutts

Remi is an expert in regulatory tax reporting regimes such as QI, FATCA, UK CDOT and CRS. He is part of BearingPoint’s tax software business unit and in his function of business expert he supported many FiTAX software implementation projects at financial institutions in the US, Europe and Asia.

Remi Grossmann

Consultant at BearingPoint Switzerland

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Meet our Speakers

Ronald Frey

Partner Financial Services at BearingPoint Switzerland

Ronald joined BearingPoint in 1998 and is the responsible Partner for BearingPoint’s Tax Reporting Software products and services. Besides being responsible for the delivery and implementation of the software products, he also advises financial institutions on global tax IT and operations deployment models. Before joining BearingPoint, he held many line management positions in risk management and credit advisory at UBS and Credit Suisse in London and Zurich.

With US FATCA entering in its second phase and OECD CRS reporting closing in, it is the right moment for financial institutions to review their existing operating models for reporting to authorities across the globe and to define a strategy for the years to come. This webinar will give you insights into current views of leading industry players and trends on how to best deal with the global challenge of CRS reporting.

Furthermore, after the webinar you will have an understanding of how BearingPoint’s and its FiTAX tax reporting software solution can support you in managing the upcoming challenges of CRS reporting. The webinar will touch upon the following aspects:

          US FATCA - OECD CRS similarities and differences

          Exchange of information reporting challenges

          Reporting format and channels, what to expect

         Milestones of a successful reporting project

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