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Regulatory Reporting and the Road to Automation

Bhargava Srinivasa is the Vice President for Product Management and Strategy in Oracle's Financial Services Global Business Unit. He manages a global team of senior Product Managers responsible for the Financial Services Analytical Applications covering Financial Services Data Management, Enterprise Performance Management and  Enterprise Risk Management for the banking and insurance industries. 

Bhargava Srinivasa

Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at Oracle Financial Services Global Business Unit

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Meet the Panel

James Phillips

Global Director of Regulatory Strategy at Lombard Risk

James Phillips oversees Lombard Risk's regulatory solution strategy. He is an industry expert on regulatory issues monitoring them on a global, regional and country/regulator basis through frequent interaction with regulatory groups and financial institutions. As a result he fully understands financial services institutions’ operational procedures relating to internal and external monitoring and reporting demands. 

With Barclays, Oracle FS & Lombard Risk



Regulatory reporting requirements in the financial services industry are proliferating and it seems that when it comes to regulatory reporting, financial institutions feel increasingly boxed in.  The number, frequency, and complexity of reports continues to spiral, especially for global financial institutions.  At the same time, regulators are strongly encouraging firms to spend more time on data governance, analysis and review.  

Industry experts from Barclays, Lombard Risk and Oracle discuss how to embark on a comprehensive data-driven approach to regulatory reporting. Gain a complete and transparent overview of the best practices and solutions that will allow you to set the foundation for a more robust data governance framework that is aligned to your organizational goals.

In this 60 minute session we examine:

the upcoming regulatory regime

why automation is critical to the process

how banks are addressing the regulatory barrage

innovative solutions to automating the regulatory process

how to achieve BCBS239 compliance 

Throughout the webinar these experts embed both their research and industry experience and give key recommendations and guidelines to common challenges. They also address audience questions after their discussion.

Bajul has worked within the Treasury areas of large UK banks for the last 10+ years, deploying and working on liquidity risk measurement, monitoring and reporting systems. During this time, he has built up a solid repository of knowledge around best practise within funding and liquidity management. He is currently the Funding and Liquidity Product Owner at Barclays Bank plc, with responsibilities covering change management in the funding and liquidity space. 

Bajul Shah

Director - Funding and Liquidity Management at Barclays

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