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Phenotypic Drug Discovery

About The Webinar

Catalyzed by the development of powerful imaging devices and image analysis algorithms, High Content cell based screens have revived phenotypic drug discovery in recent years. Best practice has been to build disease-relevant assays, in order to correct cellular phenotypes with the potential to identify truly disease-modifying drugs. In this age of big data and omics, Evotec has integrated multiple public and proprietary data sources to annotate and predict compound action. The technology can enrich the phenotypic deconvolution workflow at multiple touch-points, from compound selection, hit expansion to target pathway deconvolution. The combination of innovative screening paradigms, system informatics and other apps such as proteomics, transcriptomics and target deconvolution provides Evotec with an impressive and extensive tool box for drug discovery.

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Disease hypothesis

Use of novel disease-relevant cellular systems for hit ID

Target deconvolution

Pathway analysis

Predictive modelling


This Webinar provides insights into Evotec’s approach to phenotypic screening for identification of small molecule hits, addressed pathways and targets in the context of complex & novel biological systems.

The webinar will include:


About Our Speakers


Integrating in-silico and experimental approaches for target identification and small molecule mechanism of action (MOA) elucidation

Mike completed his PhD in protein de-novo design for Nobel laureate sir James Black before taking up a fellowship in computational drug design at Cambridge University. He moved to AstraZeneca as a computational chemist before joining Eli Lilly in 2000. Since 2003 he was the head of the computational drug discovery group at Lilly but in 2014 he jumped ship to Evotec to work as the Vice President of Research Informatics. Mike has published more than 40 peer reviewed journal publications, book chapters, patents and open-source software publications. His research aims are to continue to develop new algorithms and software in the fields of drug discovery & systems informatics, and to deliver and apply current and novel methods as tools for use in drug discovery research. 

Dr. Mike Bodkin

VP Research Informatics


York completed his PhD in molecular pharmacology at UCL on ionotropic Glutamate receptor mouse models and continued with NMDA receptor signaling studies on wild type and mutant cultured primary neurons. After another postdoc on potassium chloride co-transporter functions at UKE Hamburg he joined Evotec in 2006 where he was among the first to establish and apply High-Content Assays for screening and Hit-to-Lead support using primary cells as well as stem cell derived neural cells. York has published 12 peer-reviewed journal publications including two recent ones on phenotypic drug discovery in neurodegeneration. He is coordinating Evotec’s multi-disciplinary and multi-site team integrating applications relevant to phenotypic screening and target deconvolution. 

Dr. York Rudhard

Principal Scientist


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