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Platform and Processes that Drive Effective Global Patient Enrolment 


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With twenty years of extensive experience delivering effective direct response marketing strategies and tactics, Paul is responsible for continuing to expand and develop Acurian's performance based patient recruitment capability outside of North America. Based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Paul’s background in database and relationship marketing helps Acurian meet the growing demand for results-based enrollment services on a global basis.

Session will be presented by
Paul Mitchel of Acurian

Choosing effective global patient enrolment solutions is more important than ever. When patient enrolment plans are not on track, companies have to know how best to boost enrolment rates. Change Orders for adding sites/countries or extending timelines to close an enrolment gap come with significant price tags. Time savings with centralized patient recruitment is almost always the most reliable option as a replacement cost for these other enrolment options, and is almost always the most cost-effective.

Furthermore, effective global patient enrolment specialists must have core competencies in marketing, localisation, regulatory expertise, data handling, tracking and innovative technology, and site relationship management.

During this 60 minute webinar we explore:

a framework for pursuing success in each of these areas

tips for an effective global recruitment process that enhances site productivity.

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