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Modern Slavery in Construction

In this webinar, we asked industry leaders for their expertise on how the construction sector can mitigate modern slavery supply chain risk. During this 60 minute session they cover:




Bringing together the industry's leading lights

Ask the Experts

Throughout the global construction industry and its material supply chains, forced labour and other exploitation that constitutes modern slavery are common, concealed and subject to inadequate prevention, policing and prosecution. Failure to address modern slavery supply chain risk can lead to reputational, financial, and strategic damage.

"There are more slaves now than any time in history with around 45 million of them trapped in construction."

  • Introduction to ethical labour issues in the sector
  • Why construction firms of all sizes should respond to the modern slavery commitments and legislation?
  • What good practice should look like? What policies and processes do I need to consider?
  • What if an employee spots someone they suspect to be a victim of human trafficking – what do we have to do? How can the industry help me?
  • How will I measure progress and demonstrate success? 
  • If I only do one thing after today – what do you think that should be?

Shamir Ghumra

Jantine Werdmuller von Elgg

Ian Nicholson
Responsible Solutions

"With the culture of transparency becoming the norm in the era of globalised communication, having and showcasing sustainable and ethical practices is the only way forward and indeed an excellent market opportunity. Companies who opt for a model of secrecy will find they are no longer viable, as NGOs, journalists and consumers are increasingly able to hold them to account. Instead, those who lead the way with transparent, ethical and slavery-free supply chains will become the companies of choice and the new market leaders".

Anti-Slavery Commissioner Kevin Hyland OBE

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