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Karen E. Gray

Senior Entity Due Diligence and Monitoring Specialist at LexisNexis

Karen E. Gray is a 22 year LexisNexis veteran and is a Senior EDDM Specialist. Karen serves as LexisNexis' expert and central point person for all due diligence and third-party monitoring solutions. She is a resource for Benchmarking, Market Intelligence, Strategic Category Management, and Vendor Selection, and focuses on efforts to improve profitability and cash flow, risk mitigation and operational efficiencies with regard to vendor selection and monitoring.

Beneficial ownership has dominated the news in recent months, following revelations surrounding the Panama Papers data leak. Not every instance of beneficial ownership leads to corruption. The fact remains, however, that beneficial ownership can disguise tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing. LexisNexis® understands the challenges you face. Without a global beneficial ownership registry, you have to conduct deep research to uncover potential risks.

That’s why we’re hosting a complimentary Webinar focused on the types of information that can aid in beneficial ownership investigations. Through these due diligence strategies you’ll learn:

How corporate hierarchy data helps unravel complex ownership structures that are indicative of beneficial ownership

Why country data enables you to better understand a country’s commitment—or lack of it—to beneficial ownership transparency

What data on the origin and listing of a company—public or private—reveals about beneficial ownership risk potential

Due Diligence Strategies for Managing Risk

The Hidden World of Beneficial Ownership


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