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“IP counsel can enhance their entire portfolio by better exploiting the resources and talents of their outside counsel,” advises Todd Patterson, Partner, Patterson + Sheridan, LLP.

Patterson + Sheridan, LLP, is a law firm at the marcus evans IP Law Summit Fall 2020.

In this post COVID-19 world, how could corporate IP counsel manage their IP portfolio more strategically?

Patterson: In a post COVID-19 world, the opportunity exists to use communication tools to exploit the resources and talents of your outside counsel. We have all learned through the pandemic to effectively use teleconferencing tools to engage internally and externally. These technologies will allow us to engage more frequently now and in the future to be resources for each other. Through communication with, and exploitation of your outside counsel resources, IP counsel will be able to enhance their ability to know and manage their entire portfolio in real time. 

What are even some of the best IP counsel struggling with today? How can they overcome these challenges?

McClellan: Most IP counsel are struggling with the demands of the job. They are all expected to know the law, be able to grasp and understand complex technology, and move at the speed of e-mail to deliver all things to all people. They have to open lines of communication to the requirements of each of their roles, and understand the time and effort needed to accomplish the assigned tasks. 

What advice do you have on brand protection in today's environment?

Patterson: Brand protection has continued to grow in importance in the age of social media, hash tags, tweets, etc., such that marks and their transmission and delivery through different channels is paramount. Selection of word marks, as well as styled marks, each have their place depending on the media platform. The value of the brand can be dependent on advertising and promotion through these different platforms.

What is your top advice for capitalizing on their IP portfolio?

McClellan: Enforcement and licensing. Be creative in licensing to provide value to your client while maintaining a competitive advantage in your commercial space. Enforce as necessary to keep people out of your space. Protection without consequences loses its value over time.

What trends, developments and regulations should IP Counsel in the US prepare for?

Patterson: Merger of technologies is happening. What once was not in your technical or commercial space, is rapidly being consumed in a holistic space of information technology and related big data, ML and AI. As we all become dependent on smart devices and available information, more products and services are becoming dependent upon this information technology and the backbone of the internet and the cloud.

Additionally, the relentless demand of consumers for services and platforms on which to share and consume data is competing with expectations of privacy. IP counsel will increasingly deal with regulations on the use of data and the related cost of compliance.

Ahead of the marcus evans IP Law Summit Fall 2020, read here an interview with Todd Patterson and Gero McClellan discussing what corporate IP counsel are struggling with and what resources they can better utilize.

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