What are the challenges involved in the IDMP Project Change Management?
The cultural challenge in how we manage our data has been the single biggest challenge. Previously, we have had different departments managing their own data, for their own purposes. This is exaggerated even more when you are looking across companies such as R&D, Manufacturing, Commercial & Supply Chain as in our structure each of these, are separated legal entities and responsible for their own IT systems processes and data.

Both getting the trust across silos to share data and enrich locally, and also to add governance where previously there was none, whilst recording data has been a significant success.

Could you explain the relation between IDMP and Master Data Management?
IDMP is at its core a Master Data and Information Governance challenge. It is about understanding where is your data, who owns the data, what format it is, what the expected quality is, what the structure is, what is the lifecycle and where it is used.

Taking away IDMP for a moment, all of these come back to MDM and Information Governance, and in delivering MDM for IDMP this has also driven many other opportunities. We have been able to reduce budgets of pipeline projects by 70% now that we have the MDM platform in place.

What are IDMP project challenges from the enterprise architecture perspective?
Creating a Data Model that is agreed on by all stakeholders, and the associated Data Flow diagrams between the systems, along with the processes to ensure it is maintained and referenced. However, now that we have these models and Glossaries, these have proven extremely beneficial for our Business Partners and Design teams when reviewing new IT opportunities.
We are seeing a developing culture where the priority is data, and from an Enterprise Architect viewpoint this is the best, and most exciting change we can see happening.

What would you like to achieve by attending the 4th Edition IDMP Compliance Challenge: Navigating through uncertainty Conference?
Sharing our experience and having time to reflect on what we have achieved. I would like also to receive feedback from other delegates and to find out what we can do better.

Practical Insights From:
-GSK Vaccines
-GS1 Global Office
-Johnson & Johnson
-Marr Consultancy Ltd, UK
-Merck KGaA
-Mundipharma IT Services Limited
-Identifica LLC
-UCB Biopharma


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Ahead of the 4th Edition IDMP Compliance Challenge: Navigating through uncertainty Conference, we spoke with Cliff Gibson, Enterprise Architect at Mundipharma IT Services about how pharma companies can progress with the new regulation and the relation between IDMP and Master Data Management.


About the Conference:

This marcus evans conference will focus on IDMP compliance preparations benchmarking and knowledge-sharing for the phased approach deadlines in the context uncertainty and expectations for the final guidelines. 

The 4th Edition IDMP Compliance Challenge: Navigating through uncertainty Conference will take place from the 27th until the 29th of March 2017 at the Hilton Canary Wharf in London, UK.


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About the speaker:

Cliff Gibson is a Senior Enterprise Architect, working for Mundipharma IT Services, part of the Mundipharma Network of Independent Associated Companies (IACs).
Cliff previously worked as an International Buyer for an electronics manufacturing company, then moving into to the Automotive industry providing IT services and finally into Life Sciences for the last 9 years. This varied background, working in the business, as a service provider and within an organization provides a great holistic view of what is required beyond IT and brings him closer to the customer.
With a more than keen interest in all things data, Cliff has worked with key stakeholders to bring together all relevant IACs to not only meet the IDMP requirements, but to drive a changing data-first culture in everything Mundipharma do moving forward. With Master Data Management seen nowadays as a foundational capability, that has moved well beyond the scope of IDMP.


The relation between IDMP and Master Data Management






An interview with the Enterprise Architect of Mundipharma IT Services

Cliff Gibson, Enterprise Architect

Mundipharma IT Services

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