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Can surgeons drive cost savings through implant selection and what are the results?

How to organize bundle payments and implement gainsharing?

How to drive culture change within a physician practice and in the hospital?

Can surgeons and hospitals work together to succeed financially by providing patients better outcomes and higher satisfaction?

Our panel of speakers

Healthcare is stepping into a new era with the introduction of CJR aiming to improve the quality of inpatient care. This model tests the viability of bundled payments. In order to continue to deliver high quality patient care, and succeed financially, hospitals are developing alignments with physicians and implementing significant cost savings solutions. One key aspect to success in these types of arrangements is gaining surgeon leadership.  There are numerous ways to achieve surgeon leadership for bundled payments and we will share some of those in a multifaceted approach.

This complimentary webinar shares insights from some industry experts on how to make alignment work and perspectives on implementing a total joint cost savings solution. We cover issues such as the future of surgeon payments, what surgeons and CEOs need to know about sharing risk in bundles and how to implement immediate and sustainable cost solutions.

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Hospital Alignment with Surgeons and Physician Groups for Success in Bundled Payments