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In a 2015 global study (Universum), 43% of CEOs said their financial results in their last two years are below expectations because of poor HCM practices. And a Deloitte study tells us that >60% of HR executives said they are limited by disorganized HR systems. Is that surprising?!

CEOs, business & HR leaders acknowledged that robust people management practices drive business growth. Most of them also acknowledged that they either appoint consultants to diagnose with traditional interviews and focus groups or just resolve the more obvious “low hanging fruits” without a diagnosis, as they grow their businesses.

iCube™, a Singapore-based company, has innovated a first of its kind, web-enabled HCM diagnostic tool that helps organisations discover their HCM practices and recommend solutions. Rogers Group, one of its clients have assessed their HCM practices, prioritised their roadmap and implemented solutions. 

In this informative webinar discussion with Global HR Leaders from Rogers Group and iCube Consortium you will get access to invaluable insights to navigate the ever evolving field of HCM:

  • Demystify HCM with The Pentagon Model©
  • Using ICE Cube ™, assess Capability & Effectiveness of people practices in the light of business needs
  • Discover how sound HCM practices support leaders to achieve business results​

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Embracing Business Challenges with Sound Human Capital Management Practices


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Chandrasekhar Pingali

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Founder & Managing Director at iCube Consortium

Manish Bundhun

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Chief Human Resources Executive at Rogers & Company Limited