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Leveraging Emerging Technology for Seniors in a Cost-Effective Way

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People are living longer, but not healthier. This places an increasing burden on resources for delivering care. Technology will help fill the gap. New technology solution providers are popping up every day in the senior housing and long term care industry. From memory care to dosage monitoring, technology can help to improve quality of life and advancement of care.

  Leveraging technology in attracting residents

 Advancements in telemedicine

Memory care technology that will improve quality of life

 ‘Smart home’ technology to maintain independence

In this 60-minute webinar we delve into:

Dave Brussee is the Director, Business Development for the Personal Care North America Healthcare business unit of SCA, a leading global hygiene and forest products company.  Dave joined SCA in 2011 and currently leads a variety of strategic initiatives across the Business Unit, including development of internal competencies and capabilities, strategic planning, and implementation of new go-to-market models, often with external partners.
Prior to SCA, Dave has held global new products leadership roles at companies like Pfizer and 3M where he launched a number of new multi-million dollar brands.  He has spoken at industry conferences on the subject of innovation, and has published on the topic of improving the commercial and technical interface as part of the innovation process. Dave earned his M.B.A. from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a concentration in Marketing.
Dave Brussee
Director, Business Development
Denise B. Rabidoux
President and CEO
Evangelical Homes of Michigan

Ms. Rabidoux has over 38 years of experience in managing and leading senior service organizations in Michigan, leveraging her nursing degree and advanced studies in business and finance.  During her 16 year tenure as Chief Executive Officer and President, Ms. Rabidoux has transformed EHM from a single purpose nursing home organization to a multi-faceted service provider for older adults and their extended families.  She is known as a leader in the field and is active in several local and national groups.  Her extensive experience is sought after throughout the country as peer providers utilize her for consulting and mentoring in such areas as organizational transformation, innovation, and executive and board leadership skill development.  Ms. Rabidoux has also served as a leader and board member for LeadingAge (Michigan and National), the United Church of Christ’s Council of Health and Human Services Ministry, the Alzheimer’s Association, Senior Living 100 Advisory Board, and the American College of Nursing Home Administrators.

Mr. Hopkins joined Evangelical Homes of Michigan (EHM) as Corporate Director of Wellness in 2007 after owning/operating businesses in Michigan & Florida.  He has extensive experience in coaching/leadership development. He sits on two non-profit boards and has managed responsibility of teams as large as 600, as well as two-person start-ups. Leading innovation discernment, execution, and coaching individuals through transformation are common threads in his career.
Mr. Hopkins has a Bachelors Degree, Eastern Michigan University.  He has overseen all operations for EHM and now manages a new company, LifeChoice Solutions®, Inc.that delivers a wide array of solutions into homes of older adults. 
Steve Hopkins
Chief Operating Officer
LifeChoices®, Inc.
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