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A Roadmap for Successful EHR Implementation

Effective use of technology for the improvement of senior  care

About The Webinar

By 2050, 27 million US residents will benefit from long-term care and assisted living services from more than 15,000 skilled nursing and long-term care facilities across the nation. This number sets the challenge to a whole new level and makes the role of EHR central as it leads to cost efficiency, quality improvement, resident and patient satisfaction.

The implementation of an Electronic Health Record System is much more complicated than duplicating what is on paper and making that electronic. It is a process that must have support from Senior Leadership along with a detailed project plan to be successful. 

During this webinar EHR experts at Compass Pointe Healthcare System and VCPI share insightful detail on the various stages of EHR implementation and what considerations should be taken into account for providers preparing to successfully implement their own EHR.


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Key elements discussed include:

Meet our Speakers

Patricia D. Kimball

Director of Clinical Information 

Compass Pointe Healthcare System

Ellen Darling

Project Manager


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System Selection

Work Flow Analysis

Infrastructure Analysis

Design/Configuration Phase

Implementation and Support

Patricia is currently the Director of Clinical Information Systems at Compass Pointe Healthcare System. Over the last 6 years she has implemented EHRs for SNFs and ALFs including electronic documentation for Nursing, CNAs and Ancillary departments. In 1996, Patricia moved into the IT arena where she implemented a variety of EHRs in both acute and long-term care settings. Some of these include OR, ER, OB, Critical Care, and Medical Surgical EHRs along with various lab and pharmacy interfaces. Before that, Patricia worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital and implemented the Electronic Medical Record for the Neurology Center and the Psychiatric Center along with electronic Physician documentation for all disciplines. Patricia received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University Of Maryland and her MIS from the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus in 2001.

Ellen Darling is currently a Senior Project Manager at VCPI, a provider of technology solutions to more than 2,400 long-term and post-acute health care providers throughout the country.  She has worked in the long-term health care industry since 1992 working for United Health Facilities, Extendicare Health Services, and VCPI.  Her several years of IT experience include positions of Clinical Systems Trainer, Clinical Systems Analyst, Supervisor-Clinical Systems Development, Supervisor-Software Quality Assurance, and Account Manager.  She has worked with several long-term health care providers and project managers to successfully implement an EHR system within their organization.  Ellen attended Concordia University in Wisconsin majoring in both Business Management and Human Resource Management.

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