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“A proper sports marketing program allows a company or brand to tap into the emotions and passions of sports fans,” says Rod Nenner, Vice President, Marketing, Washington Redskins. “A brand can leverage the built-up equity of the team that may have taken years, decades and in some case even centuries to build,” he elaborates.

Nenner is a speaker at the marcus evans Marketing Leadership Forum 2017, in Malibu, California, October 

How can a sports partnership help a company drive sales? Can you outline the steps CMOs can take to make a partnership a success?

First and foremost, the CMO needs to clearly define the goals and objectives of the sports marketing program. To make it simple, they will need to ask some very basic questions. Why are we doing this? How will it allow our brand to engage with our target audience in a deeper, more relevant and effective way? What segment of our target market are we focusing on? Is there a proper fit?

Second, how they will connect the sponsorship to their target audience is sometimes an afterthought, but it is just as important as considering who or what they are sponsoring. It is where the rubber meets the road.

And lastly, how will they justify or grade the sponsorship? A well-built sponsorship is based on the company’s goals and objectives, and what can be measured. Is it about awareness and lifting the brand? Is it about brand positioning? Modifying consumer perception, driving a trial and ultimately repeat purchases? It is not difficult to build a business case for a sponsorship if you know what you are looking to achieve and/or measure.

What obstacles or challenges might CMOs face when putting a program together? How can they overcome them?

The first, most obvious, step in establishing a successful partnership is identifying your brand’s target audience and then choosing a partner that delivers that audience. Next, marketers need to understand the brand equity of potential partners, how they activate the sponsorship to leverage that equity to drive their goals; brand awareness, purchase consideration, trial, etc.

Can you provide an example of a recent successful sports partnership and what results it achieved?

To give you one example, Hyundai has been an official NFL partner for two seasons, entering its third. According to a recent interview with their CMO, Dean Evans, Hyundai achieved substantial awareness of their sponsorship among NFL fans and those fans now have a much higher opinion, consideration and purchase intent for Hyundai. One of their campaigns had 74 million video views, generated over 2,000 media stories and the company directly engaged with more than three million people.

As the car-buying landscape evolved with the digital revolution, Hyundai felt the need for a new approach to marketing, he said. Consumers today have 24 touch points before buying a car, 19 of those being digital or mobile. Momentum takes time to influence, he added, so the long-term strategy and partnership offered them a powerful platform with the reach and frequency required to make a real change.

Ahead of the marcus evans Marketing Leadership Forum 2017, read here 
an interview with Rod Nenner discusses how partnering with sports organizations 
can help CMOs achieve their long-term goals

Rod Nenner

Vice President, Marketing

Washington Redskins

Building a Brand with a Sports Partnership

About the Marketing Leadership Forum 2017

The Marketing Leadership Forum allows you to meet and do business with the US’s leading Marketing, Digital, Content Development professionals in the most cost-effective way. Taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village, California, October 5-6, the key presentation topics include: modernizing a global marketing organization, reinvigorating an established brand, and keeping the customer at the heart of the marketing strategy

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Speakers Include:

Chief Marketing Officer Stream

  • David Jaye, Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Digital Officer, IBM
  • Kim Metcalf-Kupres, Chief Marketing Officer, Johnson Controls
  • Christine Nashick, Chief Marketing Officer, DHL Express
  • Shonodeep Modak, Chief Marketing Officer, GE Industrial Solutions

Digital Marketing Stream

  • Ashish Jajoo, Head Global Digital Marketing and Social Media, Mylan, Inc.
  • Dave Savoy, Director, Digital Marketing and Strategy, Farmer’s Insurance
  • Derek Schoen , Director of Media Innovation – Marketing Strategy, MGM Resorts International
  • Karen O’Brien, Vice President, Global Social Media, Brand and Engagement, Western Union

Content Strategy Stream

  • Ted Hutcheson, Vice President, Global Creative and Content, Ashley Furniture Industries
  • Tara L. Finney, Assistant Vice President, Content Marketing Strategist, T. Rowe Price
  • Josslyn Mikow, Senior Content Strategist, eBay, Inc.
  • Michael Burns, Director, Web Content Strategy, Nationwide Insurance

Customer Engagement Stream

  • Ryan Lauder, Director, Customer Engagement, Taylor-Made Adidas Golf
  • Holly Butka, Director, Global Customer Engagement, Monsanto Company
  • Laura Hahn, Director, Customer Insight and Engagement, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

     and more...

October 5 - 6, 2017

Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village, California

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