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Ronald Frey

Partner Financial Services at BearingPoint Switzerland

Ronald joined BearingPoint in 1998 and is the responsible Partner for BearingPoint’s Tax Reporting Software products and services. Besides being responsible for the delivery and implementation of the software products, he also advises financial institutions on global tax IT and operations deployment models. Before joining BearingPoint, he held many line management positions in risk management and credit advisory at UBS and Credit Suisse in London and Zurich.

OECD CRS reporting is closing in. With the first reporting deadline looming it's imperative for financial institutions to define their operating strategy to report globally and to decide whether to put in place their proprietary reporting IT or select a vendor solution.

Many global banking groups have started to implement FiTAX as their preferred reporting solution - learn why in this exciting 60 minute session as BearingPoint presents its market leading FATCA and CRS reporting software FiTAX, including a valuable software demo.

This webinar provides practical insights from leading players in the market and touch upon the following aspects:

Cornerstones of a successful reporting project

Known variations in reporting, coping with multiple authorities

Guarantee consistency between CRS and  U.S. FATCA reporting

Demonstration of FiTAX – CRS module


Market Leading Software for CRS Reporting

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Fabrice Chatelain

Senior Manager at BearingPoint Switzerland

Fabrice joined BearingPoint in 2003 and is head of FiTAX BearingPoint’s tax software. He is responsible for the team as well as the software development, delivery and implementation projects of FiTAX modules. FiTAX covers regulatory tax reporting regimes such as QI, EUSD, FATCA, UK CDOT and CRS.

Remi Grossmann

Senior Consultant at BearingPoint Switzerland

Remi is an expert in regulatory tax reporting regimes such as QI, FATCA, UK CDOT and CRS. He is part of BearingPoint’s tax software business unit and in his function of business expert he supported many FiTAX software implementation projects at financial institutions in the US, Europe and Asia.

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