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How can firms grow their company brand across all social and digital channels?

It is key to allow customers to use the channel of their choice. Next to enabling the customer with a free choice to select the channel they would like for their interaction it is also important to create a unified and consistent experience throughout all channels. To grow brand perception and excite customers, consistency is key. To achieve that, the operator has to ensure that all the channels and each of these interactions are properly designed and planned in order to create the intended, smooth and effortless experience.

What is needed to boost customer loyalty through real time marketing?

Customers always expect that the experiences they are getting from an operator are consistent no matter what channel they are using to interact with the company. Their needs and expectations can be very diverse and are also dependant on time of day and location. Each and every marketing communication or interaction needs to be carefully designed and be adaptable to the specific customer preferences and situation. Their appreciation and brand loyalty will increase if the activities they need to undertake to follow up on the marketing event are tailored to their needs, are easy to use and leave them in control of the experience.

What do you see as the main challenges for operators to transform into digital providers?

There are a number of different challenges that keeps traditional telco’s from transforming into digital providers. Most importantly the culture and internal organisation of a traditional operator can be a stumbling block when different channels are operated and owned by different departments and they have separate internal targets and processes.
Another cultural challenge is that most operators are very focused on inside-out, on the product offerings and the network services they provide. And although the quality of the services and the attractiveness of the offerings are important, operators run the risk of neglecting to gain insights in how the customers experience the interaction with the products and brand.
Therefore an outside-in view is necessary. Operators need to align their organisation structure, processes, targets and rewards around a customer centric vision. The voice of the customer is the only important driver for a digital provider. Without a regular and real-time feedback loop from customers it is difficult to understand whether you meet the customer expectations and needs.

Given the challenges telco operators face (declining revenues, increasing costs, OTT’s), how do you believe a strict focus on customer centricity can help operators gain an advantage over their competitors?

A sustainable advantage can only be created if you can win the hearts and minds of your customers. Therefore insight in what drives customers is crucial to understand what excites them and what makes them come back to spend more with you. Feedback on the experiences from the customer need to be collected and understood on three different levels; the interaction level, the service level, and ultimately at the brand level.  This customer feedback data is essential to validate that the intended brand image is being perceived and appreciated by the customers. Happy customers will not switch, they will spend more and attract other customers. Driving your whole organisation around the happiness of the customers will create a definite advantage.

What would you like to achieve by attending the EMEA Telecoms Marketing and Data Analytics Forum?

During the event I hope to get new insights and hear practical case studies on Customer Experience improvements and benefit by putting focus on that.

Ahead of the EMEA Telecoms Marketing and Data Analytics Forum, we spoke with Mr. Martin Kievit, founder of Telecom Business Transformers about the digital transformation for telecom operators.

Practical Insights From:
  • James Stoker
    Marketing Director Europe and Middle East

  • Hasan Askarov
    Head Marketing Intelligence Unit

  • Anne Merel Oosterbroek
    Director Data Analytics

    Hussam Baday
    Sudatel Telecom Group

  • Surajit Das
    Global Commercial and Marketing Director
    Lebara Mobile 

  • David Freire
    Head of Integrated Offer
    Group Consumer Marketing – CCDO

  • Borko Crnogorac
    Sales and Marketing Director for SMEs
    Telekom Srbija

About the conference:

The EMEA Telecoms Marketing and Data Analytics Forum is the premium event bringing together leading telecom network providers with specialist technology and service providers. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the forum offers CMOs from across the EMEA region an intimate environment for a focused discussion on the crucial trends shaping the industry. The forum will take place from the 13th  until the 14th of November 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

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About the speaker:

With over 15 years of Telecom experience Martin has fulfilled a wide range of functions within MNO’s, MVNO’s and BSS suppliers. With his company Telecom Business Transformers ( he advises Telco’s on Customer Journey, Business Process and Oganisational design and supports implementation.
The main challenges for telecom operators in the new digital era


An interview with the founder of Telecom Business Transformers

Martin Kievit,
ounder of Telecom Business Transformers 

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