How can firms create a strong relationship with their customers through online marketing strategies?

Digital innovations help firms retain existing customers, improve the ability to reach new customers and enhance the customer experience. With the use of new emerging digital solutions, such as conversational commerce, brands can listen to their customers and provide them with real-time assistance, catered to their needs.

In in-store interactions, one-to-one personalization is easy to achieve; the sales representative can address a customer’s needs directly to help them find the right solution. But with a conversational commerce solution, not only is this equally possible online, but brands can achieve personalized engagement at scale - and as a result, better resonate with and convert buyers; reducing lead gen cost. Through live-chat features and live video, conversational commerce solutions help brands engage with an unlimited number of web visitors at the same time. With only one presenter talking - and responding to questions - brands can serve hundreds of clients and even add unlimited numbers of concurrent channels with more presenters, to make sure conversations stay personal and in real-time.

They help put the customers in the center of marketing strategies and campaigns and transform the web audience into active viewers by providing an engaging experience online that boost online engagement.

What is needed to stay ahead of competitors?

The brands that stand out are the brands that create memorable, positive customer experiences - and have a great point of differentiation. So what better way to stand out than to directly engage with your audience in a human way from their first interaction? With conversational commerce solutions, brands are able to engage with audiences like never before; cementing their reputations, and building awareness of their positions as trusted industry leaders.

Customers today want to do everything they can do in a retail store from their phone. They need to be able to securely take care of personal business on the go. By improving the services they offer through digital channels, they will improve the user experience of the customer. By standing by their customer promise they are investing in their customer relationships, creating better open channels of communication among all stakeholders.

Customers want to get information or support from their service providers 24/7. What is more they want to speak to knowledgeable people who can give them the confidence and make them want to do business with the company. Those are the things that differentiate companies in commoditized markets.

How can conversational commerce enhance customer engagement and boost online sales conversion?

Achieving effective customer engagement has always been core to securing success. But with increasing volumes of information available to prospective buyers online, how can brands be sure they will resonate with the right buyers, at the right times and at the right stage of their purchasing journey?

With conversational commerce, this is changing. For the first time, brands have a way to engage effectively with customers in real-time - live video and chats have come a long way. Thanks to advancements in broadband speeds, mobile technology and video quality, today, conversational commerce solutions (comprised of live video, chat, voice, chatbots and more) are a core component of real-time marketing strategies. Giving brands a new way to educate and engage with consumers at the right point in their buyer’s journey, conversational commerce solutions are a personalized, interactive and revolutionary way to engage with customers, and offer benefits back to the brand such higher online sales conversion.

The results of our clients speak for themselves:  one of the biggest Telco companies in the US A/B tested conversational commerce solution on their website and found that, people who were exposed to the Digital Store experience converted at 40 % higher rate than those in the control group. As a result of implementing live video chat on the website, the brand also achieved engagement rate of 14 % - the average viewer watched the live stream for 3 minutes. Consequently, their exit rate dropped by incredible 27 %, compared to the control landing page, which shows just how impactful live video engagement is and its implications to business’ bottom line.

What would you like to achieve by attending the EMEA Telecoms Marketing and Data Analytics Forum?

We are looking forward to speaking with leading telecom network providers about our conversational technology and see how we can help them boost customer loyalty through real time marketing; give their customers what they want, when they need it. We want to focus on discussions about the crucial trends shaping the industry, such as how to reduce CPA, increase online sales conversion and explore how Telco brands can create a strong relationship with their online customers.

Whisbi is also looking to build business and networking opportunities with the CMOs from across the EMEA region.

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Ahead of the EMEA Telecoms Marketing and Data Analytics Forum, we spoke with Mr. Luigi Mallardo, SVP Global Sales & Marketing at Whisbi about online marketing strategies, conversational commerce and what is needed to stay ahead of competitors.

Practical Insights From:
  • James Stoker
    Marketing Director Europe and Middle East

  • Hasan Askarov
    Head Marketing Intelligence Unit

  • Anne Merel Oosterbroek
    Director Data Analytics

    Hussam Baday
    Sudatel Telecom Group

  • Surajit Das
    Global Commercial and Marketing Director
    Lebara Mobile 

  • David Freire
    Head of Integrated Offer
    Group Consumer Marketing – CCDO

  • Borko Crnogorac
    Sales and Marketing Director for SMEs
    Telekom Srbija

About the conference:

The EMEA Telecoms Marketing and Data Analytics Forum is the premium event bringing together leading telecom network providers with specialist technology and service providers. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the forum offers CMOs from across the EMEA region an intimate environment for a focused discussion on the crucial trends shaping the industry. The forum will take place from the 13th  until the 14th of November 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

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About the speaker:

Luigi has over 15 years international experience in business development & sales, strategy & data driven marketing roles for global leading world corporations and startups in multiple sectors: digital technologies and cloud based SaaS, marketing services and market research, consumer goods, marketing of culture and territories.  Currently working at Whisbi, Luigi is driving the global go-to-market strategy, helping global brands and their leaders throughout digital business transformation efforts in order to succeed in the omnichannel era. In his twenties Luigi had a professional basketball career as point/shooting guard in major leagues and he is playing regularly to keep fit since it is still a great passion.

How conversational commerce can enhance customer engagement and boost online sales conversion.


An interview with the SVP Global Sales & Marketing at Whisbi

Luigi Mallardo, SVP Global Sales & Marketing at Whisbi

Key Topics:
  •  Reduce customer churn through predictive analytics and effective CRM

  • Overcome stagnant revenues; Big data monetisation strategies to boost profits

  • Grow your company brand across all social and digital channels by telling a story your customers can join

  • Boost customer loyalty through real time marketing; Give your customers what they want when they need it

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